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Let's Make a Horror Movie Podcast - Episode 30: Hosts Interview

Episode 30: Hosts Interview 

LMAHMpod Meet ‘Hosts’ in Episode 30! Co-directors Adam Leader and Richard Oakes join Dave alongside stars Neal Ward and Samantha Loxley (briefly) to discuss the making of their debut horror feature. Showing at FrightFest this coming Saturday night, beware of vague-spoilers & enjoy!
Alongside our Hosts Interview comes the usual Act 1 feedback and a brief chinwag about Hosts and The Honeymoon Phase in Act 2. Also, coincidentally, we’ve got a new co-host – John now has an official ‘H’ in his name!


Act 1 – 05:55m – Listener Feedback on Ep28 ‘Marionette Macabre’
Act 2 – 16:41m – Last fortnight’s horrorishy cultural highlights + our new John/host.
Act 3 – 28:01m – Interview with Hosts Co-directors (30:51m)
Act 4 – 68:42m – Thanks & see you again soon!


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