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Episode 26: ‘1BR’ Interview - LMAHMpod Meets…

It’s a special episode of LMAHMpod where Dave & Jon meet Producer - Alok Mishra, and Emmy nominated Actress - Naomi Grossman, of Horror/Thriller ‘1BR’ (Apartment 1BR). Hear about the nightmarish mishaps that happened on the road to production as well as the movie’s origins, funding & distribution, Covid & VOD, future projects and advice for getting your idea to screen.

It’s a great movie, give it a watch and give this a listen - contains spoilers!

Start  – 05:36m – 1BR interview with Alok Mishra, Producer, and Actress Naomi Grossman

Act 4 – 60:00m – Cheers & see you next Ep (+ pronunciation reminiscences)!

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Episode 25 of Let's Make a Horror Movie Podcast - The Moon Cursers

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Episode 25: The Moon Cursers - Let's Make a Horror Movie Podcast