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Let's Make a Horror Movie Podcast

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We are Let’s Make a Horror Movie Podcast! Every month one of our two hosts – Dave or newJohn – pitches a completely new horror movie idea/walk-through to the other who, having not heard it before, throws in their suggestions & ideas before we pass it out to the audience for their input.

Each Pitch takes about 20-ish mins depending on interruptions from the other host, and in addition there is an awful lot of nonsense.

Each Ep is split into 4 acts:

Act 1 – Listener feedback on last week’s Horror Movie Pitch,
Act 2 – This fortnight’s Horror-y Cultural Highlights,
Act 3 – This week’s Horror Pitch,
Act 4 – Pitch post-mortem & frivolity.

Have a listen & get involved! Scroll down for our latest, or jump to our full
Episodes page for all the content.


We’d love to hear from you on Twitter, Insta or Gmail. And if you want to catch up on the Pitches themselves, you can access our Written Notes from the menu!

Love Dave & John xxx

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Don’t know where to start?

New to the podcast and want a pointer? Remember whichever one you start with will have feedback from the preceding podcast in Act 1, so by all means skip to Act 2 if you must. Listen above, on the Episodes page or through any of the other links knocking about on here.


Perhaps try our latest one, or head to the episodes page for the breakdowns and choose something that sounds tasty...

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