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Let's Make a Horror Movie Podcast - Episode 29: Dominic Brunt Interview

Episode 29: Ep29: Dominic Brunt Interview 

In our latest instalment of LMAHMpod Meets, we chat to British Horror legend Dominic Brunt – Director of Before Dawn, Bait and Attack of the Adult Babies, one half of Mitchell-Brunt Productions, and all-round horror renaissance man.

Join us for insights on directing, producing, funding, distribution and more as we get the latest on Dominic’s next project as well as his back catalogue.


Quick note - there’s a couple of mild spoilers for Bait, and Dave’s dog walks over a few questions. Also watch his movies!


Start – 07:43m – Interview with Dominic Brunt


Act 4 – 52:13m – Cheers & see you next Ep!


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 ck of the Adult Babies.

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