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EPISODES #31 - now


Episode 32: Stones of Stenness

Welcome back! The return of LMAHMpod with Series 3 kicks off with a Dave-pitch, this time a Scottish, archeologically-themed, folkloric mystery-bloodbath, specifically intended as a Gerard Butler vehicle. Due to the hiatus, Act 1 is a catch-up on bits and bobs (as opposed to the usual feedback on prev. ep), Act 2 covers the fantastic FrightFest 2021 Digital Festival including ‘As in Heaven, So on Earth’, ‘Sweetie You Won’t Believe It’, ‘Gaia’ and ‘Evie’, the latter by Dominic Brunt & Jamie Lundy.  Act 3 is the pitch itself – Stones Of Stenness – expect accents. And by Act 4 we’d drunk really quite a lot, so it’s a quick title brain-storm that, as you can see, ended without anything too mentally taxing. First episode in 11 months – so there’s extra nonsense for you all too.    


Act 1 ­-  5:18m   – Catch up & our latest sponsors & housekeeping

Act 2 -  18:07m – Horrorishy highlights from Frightfest 2021 + Concrete Plans

Act 3 -  33:53mHorror Pitch: Stones of Stenness

Act 4  - 74:11m – Pitch post-mortem & title brainstorm    


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Episode 25 of Let's Make a Horror Movie Podcast - The Moon Cursers
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