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Episode 20: King Fae

It’s our 20th Episode and Jon pulls a mad one out of the bag to mark the occasion. Folklorish body-horror abounds in Act 3’s ‘King Fae’ – an English yarn with a gruesome finale. Act 1 sees some listener additions to Ep19’s ‘The Vaults’, whilst Act 2 covers ‘How to Stare at Famous People’.. like, just in general, as well as the horror movies Snatchers and I Trapped the Devil, and LMAHMPod’s survival tips for the COVID19 pandemic. Act 3 is the aforementioned ‘King Fae’ horror movie pitch, whilst Act 4 is the post-mortem and title-search as well as Jon’s recollections of the famous Mary Poppins out-take ‘defecation scene’. And much more, including free, niche books!

Act 1 – 05:42m - Listener feedback & updates to Ep19’s pitch ‘The Vaults’.

Act 2 – 13:00m - This fortnight’s horrorishy cultural highlights

Act 3 – 23:00m - Horror Pitch: King Fae

Act 4 – 49:33m - Pitch Post-mortem & title brainstorm + 60.50m Jon’s Julie Andrews & Mary Poppins recollections

As ever, contributions & input welcomed – find as at letsmakeahorrormovie@gmail.com or Twitter @LMAHMpod, Instagram, The Guild of Clives, Binary Phone, House visit, Semaphore, Stigmata, etc

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